By: 05.01.09

Thanks to reader N for these pics of the big Swami, who had a case of the Swamp-ass at the big pro-am in Charlotte. Here’s his account:

Went out to catch part of today’s Pro-Am for the Quail Hollow Championship in Charlotte. Boomer was playing with Jerry Kelly and Michael Waltrip. It was painful watching him literally limp around the course, but as you would expect he was quite the entertainer. I was trying to convince a buddy to yell out a Boomer-esque “WWHHOOOOPPP” in his backswing, even offered him $50 but he wouldn’t bite.

I would have done it for $20, but I’m a prick and I don’t count pro-ams as real golf anyway. Hey, let’s all look at Chris Berman’s sweaty butt!

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