NBA Free Agency tips off, and is Houston replacing Yao with Bosh?
Houston, You want Marcin Gortat? Email Him.


By 07.01.09

Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link diarrhea.  That’s the last time we go to that Mexican website!

  • A special limited edition of Kobe Bryant’s shoes will be available on July 22nd at select stores.  But will they make my calves look as good as these pumps do?  |StreetLevel|
  • If you don’t think the coaches’ “silent auction” is better than a coin flip for determining possession in NFL overtime games, you’re a coward and a weakling.  |NYT Fifth Down Blog|
  • The top five NBA free agents this summer.  Awww, look!  The NBA is trying to stay in the news cycle!  How cute.  |The Hoop Doctors|
  • In case you missed it: Spencer Hall is back from a broken back for another edition of The Amateur.  This time, he’s playing table tennis (and drinking and gambling) in Las Vegas.  |The Sporting Blog|
  • Hands as bras: a gallery.  Well played, sirs. (The image here, however, is from Cleavage Lover — click it for full size.)  |Holy Taco|
  • Are you missing college football?  This post on Paul Johnson’s mastery of the flexbone will make you eager for September.  Hee hee, “flexbone.” |Smart Football|
  • Shaq takes silly pictures of himself.  A Twitpic collection.  |Uncoached|
  • The British react to our inevitable conquest of world soccer.  Man, I love it when we win.  It’s the best way to show other countries that nacho cheese tastes amazing.  |Studs Up|

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