An Inconvenient Truth
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By 11.06.09

Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. Nobody reads it, nobody likes it, but we still do it every day because we’re masochists like that.

  • God damn this is awesome. Kentucky coach Rich Brooks’s Twitter feed is written in clipped prose, so Spencer Hall made turned him into a noir protagonist. I need to go re-read a Raymond Chandler novel now. |Every Day Should Be Saturday|
  • Warriors rookie Stephen Curry is blogging for GQ. Tell us about the groupies, Steph! ||
  • Ana Beatriz Barros (right) is part of Guyism’s crop of of sexy ladies born in 1982. The picture I almost went with is here. This one was too nipply. And this one would’ve gotten me fired. |Guyism|
  • Glen “Big Baby” Davis wants to play in the NFL. Probably because he’s fat. |Second String Fullback|
  • Now that Chris Cooley’s out for the season, the Redskins tight end has picked up pottery. It’s his second hobby, after nailing that foxy little wife of his. |Yardbarker|
  • The Nuggets are exciting, imperfect, and emotional. So why does the NBA keep taking a dump on them? (Hint: David Stern is a huge dick.) |The Sporting Blog|

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