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Who Will Boo Donovan McNabb In 2010?

By / 03.30.10

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb can’t seem to break free from the trade rumors surrounding him as he waits to play one more year with the only team he’s ever known. But now it seems that McNabb will be packing his backs and heading off in a trade to Oakland.

Two Raiders employees remain steadfast that the Raiders haven’t even spoken with the Eagles about McNabb, who is in the final year of his contract. –Mercury News

Oh. Well, I also heard that he might be going to St. Louis to play for the Rams.

Last week, the Rams also strongly denied and then laughed at a Philadelphia Inquirer report that the Rams had made a trade offer to the Philadelphia Eagles for McNabb. –My FOX Philly.

Really? But I’m sure that the Eagles certainly want to get something for him, don’t they?

While no potential trading partner has yet to emerge — that includes the St. Louis Rams — coach Andy Reid is reportedly set to veto any deal for his veteran quarterback, according to the station’s official Web site. – Blog.

Aw, hell. Right now, all I see are the Eagles trying to prop up value for a player that they don’t seem to be able to get rid of. My mom used to do the same thing to my grandparents during the summer. He’s a great boy! Why don’t you let him stay over there for a month? No? Two weeks? One? How about the weekend? So many of life’s problems would be averted if children had free agency rights.


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