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Boxing Champ Hangs Self

By 04.20.10

Venezuelan champion boxer Edwin Valero was jailed on charges of going O.J. Simpson on his wife in a hotel room, but he figured out a way to avoid trial. He hung himself in his jail cell using his clothes. Yeah, that was probably a bad way to set that up.

Valero had two children, a 7-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl.

Valero’s manager, Jose Castillo, said the boxer should never have been allowed out of the rehabilitation center.

“This is a huge tragedy for the world of boxing, we are so sad,” he told reporters. –WaPo.

Before the incident, Valero was in rehab battling an alcohol addiction, which is a phrase I never really understood. If I eat a ham and cheese sandwich, I’m not battling the sandwich. I’m eating it. But I guess it’s different when one fights other people for a living, and, really, is the hero of his countrymen. I feel bad for the kids. To lose both parents in such a sudden and bizarre way is truly sad.


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