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The Art Of (Athletic) Storytelling


By 04.07.10

We all know Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson spikes it on the one, but did you know he’s also jammin’ on the one? (Pete the Punchline Explaining Robot says: DeSean Jackson once prematurely spiked a football on the 1-yard line and to “jam it on the one” is to be a musically inclined Theo Huxtable.)

Me being super white notwithstanding, DeSean is taking a break from not making sense on Twitter to embark on a rap career. Going by the name Jack, he makes his debut with a freestyle on the track “Let’s Do It”. HARF HARF, BUT REALLY, LET’S NOT! His verse begins at the 1:18 mark.

Terrible rap careers are usually the providence of basketball players, but Deion Sanders already blazed a trail for football players making forays into excruciating music careers. But maybe that was the baseball half of Deion being represented. I guess we’ll never know. Oh, he was a complicated artist, that one.


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