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Before Lakers/Celtics Game 1, L.A. is thinking about the future

Don’t You [ba-ba-ba ba-baaa] Forget About Meat

By 06.02.10

Morning Meat is WL’s daily link dump, but without any Catholic connotations. Send us tips at and follow WL, PUNTE, Burnsy, Shakey and Ryan on Twitter.

  • Is there anyone on Earth hotter than Adriana Lima? Didn’t think so.


  • The future of indie filmmaking.


  • Arkansas mom gets fine, probation for using her son’s Facebook account.

    Time Newsfeed.

  • Woman sues Google after walking in a street because Google Maps told her to do it. Apparently nobody has to be accountable for their own actions anymore.


  • “You have the right to remain silent…as long as you tell us.”

    Above The Law.

  • The revolution will be televised: Blogs With Balls 3 will be streamed on the internet.

    Blogs With Balls.

  • This woman will get naked and clean your house. And you don’t even have to marry her.


  • Thank Jesus: Maggie Q is back on TV.

    Warming Glow.

  • This guy found someone that killed him in a video game and stabbed him in real life. “That’s not a knife…That’s a knife.”

    Gamma Squad.

  • Here’s hoping that you didn’t bootleg The Hurt Locker. Fresh…respected.

    The Smoking Section.

  • Boston Celtics cheeleaders like wearing green. Hey, I like wearing green! We have so much in common.

    Bleacher Report .

  • Apparently, Argentina played a basketball game against killer plants. “Feed me, Santiago!”

    Fark .

  • This is truly a set of mashups for the ages.



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