An Open Letter to Adrien Brody – What Happened to You, Man?

Empire State Of Meat

By 07.20.10

With Leather’s very own PUNTE kindly suggests what beer you should drink this summer, and I’m inclined to agree with him. [Uproxx Summer Buyer’s Guide]

Danger Guerrero’s  pick for the podcast you should be listening to this summer. [Uproxx Summer Buyer’s Guide]

An open letter to Adrian Brody. What did become of him? [Uproxx]

Portable N64? /Drools [Gamma Squad]

Paris Hilton possessing drugs while topless? Surley you jest, sir. [WWTDD]

Who doesn’t like hottie rankings? [Bleacher Report]

Nine reasons why being a woman is easier than being a man. [Guyism]

A Dora the Explorer and Inception mash up. [Next Round]

Testing bullet proof glass in the 1950s. [Uncoached]

The favorite movies of dictators. In case you ever encounter an awkward silence with Castro. [Inside Movies]

The biggest box office flops that Hollywood hyped at Comic Con. [Fark]

A porcupine who thinks it’s a puppy. You’re daily dose of aww. [College Humor]

Martial artist performs Street Fighter moves, then realizes he wasted his talent. [Dorkly]


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