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By 07.30.10

Wide receiver David Tyree hasn’t made a catch since his historic grab in Super Bowl XLII more than two years ago, but that’s not a bad swan song at all. After appearing in just 10 games last season (and zero games the year before) Tyree signed a one-day contract with the New York Giants and announced his retirement.

Tyree, a sixth-round draft pick in 2003, was drafted as a special teamer and had just 54 catches for his career. But he will always be known for Super Bowl XLII, when he caught a five-yard pass for the Giants’ first touchdown against unbeaten New England, then made a leaping third-down 32-yard catch late, pinning the ball against his helmet as he went to the ground. –FanHaus.

I’m sure that Tyree would rather have played for 15 years and had a proficient, Irving Fryar-type career, but damn, that catch is immortal. Other than James Harrison’s 100-yard fumble recoveryinterception the following year, I can’t think of a bigger play ever made in the Super Bowl, and even that one is debatable. But that works for me; I’ve always been known as a master debator. Especially when my wife is out of town…


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