A Few Minutes With SI Swimsuit Issue Rookie Alyssa Miller

By: 02.17.11  •  16 Comments

Have you seen Brooklyn’s movie yet?

Yeah, I saw it when it came out. She was very good in it. I was like a proud mama when that came out. I was taking pictures of the theaters and tweeting like, “Brooklyn, the theater’s packed!”

You shouldn’t text in a movie theater. That’s bad form.

I know! But I couldn’t help it! Everyone was looking at me like, “Who is this chick?” There was literally not an empty seat. I was so excited, I couldn’t help myself.

That’s the worst.


You said that the SI shoot is different from what you normally experience on a shoot. Can you compare SI to what other clients are after?

Yeah, SI really stands alone, because the feature is us, our personalities, so we’re allowed to be sexy, we’re allowed to be goofy, to be crazy, to be funny. You can just be yourself. They just want you to have fun.

Sometimes on other jobs it’s just “Make the clothes look good” and just getting out of there. No big smiles. No laughing. There’s really no other job like SI. We all support the cover girl. We all support the magazine. I can’t say that enough, there’s really nothing like it, and I’ve seen it all.

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