We Ranked Every Super Bowl XLV Commercial

By: 02.07.11  •  13 Comments

Ozzy and Bieber, Best Buy Buyback — B+

It’s funny because Bieber put on a fake beard and that that Bieber looks like a girl. Beebz called himself a girl! That’s hysterical! The star power and the space suits carried what otherwise was a weak spot.

Reply All, Bridgestone — B+

We’ve all done that double-take after firing off a really nasty email. I’m trying to think of a good reason why this wasn’t an A, and I’m afraid I don’t have one.

Product Placement, Bud Light — B

We need more beer bottles in swordfights.

Great Idea, Chevy Camaro — B

It’s odd that the strongest Chevy ad of the night was the one where they couldn’t decide on a theme. This was basically dueling voices debating over the best way to sell American machismo. Couldn’t decide on a theme, machine-gun humor

Detroit, Chrysler — B

It was 2 minutes long, and whether you love Detroit or love bashing Detroit’s inability to make a car that people will actually buy, you’ll remember it. It was an ode worthy of the stage. But I think it truly was a shot across the bow of the “I’ll Never Buy Another American Car” set, and while I don’t think it carries much sway, it’s a solid effort.

You Gonna Finish Those, Doritos — B

Guy-on-guy rape will always have a place in advertising. And was that McLovin?

Feed The Fish, Doritos — B

“Grandpa?” Maybe the funniest ad of the night, with Grandpa coming back to life being the best punchline of all the ads. Dinged for some goofy editing in the middle.

What’s That Mean, LookUp316 — B

The precursor for this was a dude with a rainbow wig sitting behind the goalpost. This ad is a marked improvement, but needs more Tebow or something.

Cram It In The Boot, Mini Countrymaid — B

Mini dispels notions of “no junk in the trunk” with terrific double entendre. This was a win.

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