We Ranked Every Super Bowl XLV Commercial

By: 02.07.11

Lassie, Chevy — C

Chevy had two kinds of ads on Sunday: the lame, quasi-jingoistic lunges to tug at our heartstrings, and the ads that they should have been making: trucks acting like dogs and making fun of old people.

Dear Kim, Teleflora — C

Listen, b:tch. Just be happy you got ANYTHING for Valentine’s Day. I’m still not comfortable with the word “rack” in live mixed company. But I’m obviously a prude.

Western Singalong, Bud Light — C-

Stupid Clydesdales. This was probably a 30-second ad that they decided to stretch into a 60-second ad, because it just took forever to get going. Bud Light had only one miss on the night, and this was it.

Runaway Cars, Mercedes Benz — C-

This ad had all the elements in the first act: The classic Janis Joplin song, the Diddy cameo, but the reveal of four boring-assed cars in some airplane hanger fell flat. If you’re such a luxury brand, Mercedes, why the hell are you advertising four cars at once?

Jazz Bar, Stella Artois — C-

Adrian Brody’s nose must have its own gravitational pull. He probably needed a straw to drink that beer.

Kid In A Candy Store, Carmax — C+

Machine-gun humor again. Pick a theme and stick with it, guys.

42 Wild Italians, Chevy — C+

It’s funny because old people can’t hear.

Let Others Go First, Cars.com — C+

Perhaps I’m being too harsh here, but I’m always disappointed whenever I find out that an ad is a “Cars.com” ad.

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