A Guide to Recognizing Your Mascots – Northwest League

By: 03.21.11  •  37 Comments

Don’t feel bad, I jumped to the same conclusions. I said “the hell is that” and stared at the picture for about twenty seconds before moving on. The best I could come up with was “Foofur stabbed in the face with a traffic cone.” And the Foofur reference is on point, but that thing passing as his nose started looking less and less like a traffic cone, and I ended up with “Foofur fell asleep with his face pressed against a coral tumbler your girlfriend bought at Kohl’s.” But that can’t be their mascot, can it?
It turns out that Otto is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. He is the “world’s only Spokaneasaurus” and was recently voted “best mascot in the world,” presumably by Washington state’s cryptozoology crowd. If you search him online it’s nothing but HEY READER OTTO IS YOUR FAVORITE MASCOT HE IS BIG AND BLUE AND HAS STYLE AND IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ANOTHER SPOKANEASAURUS YOU ARE UP A SHITTED CREEK BECAUSE OTTO IS THE ONLY ONE. Using what I know about paleontology, I can observe that Otto evolved from one of the older, bird-like mascots in the region. Ha, just kidding, God made Otto exactly like that and put him on the Earth to help me enjoy baseball and possibly for food.
Otto has been around since 1993, but you know before that the Spokane Indians were the Spokane Gut Eaters and their mascot was a promiscuous gambling Indian.

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