NBA Round-Up: The Knicks Are Done

By: 04.25.11

Atlanta Hawks 88, Orlando Magic 85 (Series: 3-1 ATL)

This was probably the worst of any playoff games so far. And that’s not because I’m a jilted Magic fan. This game was just straight up awful in terms of everything. It was like watching an old man pick at a wedgie for an hour. As for the actual game, you know your team is a lost cause when Gilbert Arenas is the only guy providing support for Dwight Howard. And Hedo Turkoglu… sweet Jesus, he’s awful. I’m not saying I know where he lives, but let’s just say there’s a carton of eggs in my fridge that I’ve had my eye on.

And since I am a Magic fan and I have this forum to rant on occasion, I have a message for Stan Van Gundy: JUST SHUT UP ALREADY. Who cares if the Atlanta Hawks flop a lot when your team couldn’t hit JaMarcus Russell with a beach ball? And when people constantly call you a whiny crybaby, it doesn’t help that you are a whiny crybaby. #endrant

New Orleans Hornets 93, Los Angeles Lakers 88 (Series: 2-2)

People can talk about Chris Paul going to the Knicks or the Magic all they want, but he still actually has to leave New Orleans first, and he’s making a pretty strong case for the team’s ownership to keep him in New Orleans. Haha, just kidding, the Hornets have no owner and the league runs the team. So he’ll be gone someday. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy it, Hornets fans.

(Banner image via the great @Jose3030)

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