NBA Roundup: David Stern Has A Plan

By: 04.19.11

Chicago Bulls 96, Indiana Pacers 90

So you’ve probably been wondering what the title of this post is all about. I think David Stern is the worst person in the history of sports, so when it comes to talking about the NBA, I may be a little biased. With that said, when Tim Donaghy was busted for betting on games that he officiated, Stern should have – SHOULD HAVE – cleaned house and fired every ref in the NBA and started fresh as a means of telling his league’s fans that he will not tolerate that crap.

Instead, he continues to employ the worst officiating crew in professional sports with no apology. As I watched last night’s game, and watched the Bulls narrowly escape another embarrassing loss to the 8-seed that was 20-18 under an interim coach this season, it became more evident than ever that Stern has an agenda.

Call me crazy, call me a dumbass, call me a moron, call me whatever. The fact remains that in the closing minutes of last night’s second game, calls were made that embarrassed the NBA. There were two fouls in particular – the call against Roy Hibbert late in the game was ultimately ridiculous, and there was a foul against Derrick Rose – who is absurd and deserves a championship for the way he’s playing – that was horrible as well, but I don’t remember it because I was already drinking to forget. I’ve already lost my train of thought. This is why I can’t have nice things.

Bottom line – Indiana deserved to lose Game 1 but should have won Game 2. I blame the refs because Stern wants his premium market teams to win because his league lost $300 million last year and is heading toward a crippling lockout. But I also think Oswalt (Oswald, but I love the misspelling) acted alone, so who knows?

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