The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 4/4

By: 04.05.11  •  18 Comments

Best/Worst: Cena Vs. Rock at Wrestlemania 28

Here’s the thing.

Best: This is the match everybody wanted to see a month ago. If Rocky knew he was going to wrestle again, I wish they would’ve set it up to happen in Atlanta. Put Rock in the match with Cena and Miz and Rock doesn’t even have to take a pinfall. Rock is in great shape, Cena was ready to go (outside of his weird concussiony wandering at Mania), Miz will do anything you tell him. You make bank, you send everybody home happy.

Now, that didn’t happen, and sure, I’d like to see Cena vs. Rock in an actual match. I think we all would, no matter our reasons. Cena haters want to see Rock kick his ass, I want to see Rock tap out to an STF where neither of Cena’s arms are touching his head or face. You’re still making bank. But, the problem:

Worst: This Isn’t Going To Happen

I’m not getting my hopes up. The wrestling business can change a lot in twelve months. Who knows where Rock’s movie career will be? “Fast Five” could gross a billion dollars and shoot him into a bunch of new roles. He could be up for an Oscar or something (stranger things have happened, David Otunga’s wife has one) and get pressured from Hollywood because wrestling is “beneath him,” with Wrestlemania being his “Norbit.” More believable scenario, Disney tosses $30 million at him to film The Tooth Fairy 2: Molar Express in March. Or, worst case scenario, he remembers how easy it is to be a movie star and stops wanting to wrestle.

At the same time, how much faith can we put in John Cena going twelve months without hurting himself? The guy’s always ripping muscles off of things. One wrong Cobra and his entire torso could collapse. I’ve seen those Don’t Try This At Home commercials, I know accidents can happen, and no matter how good you are at this, Alex Riley could body slam you wrong once and screw up hundreds of millions of dollars in plans.


Best/Worst: Cena Vs. Rock at Wrestlemania 28

I want it to happen, and I hope it does. A year-long build for a match is unprecedented in modern WWE, and despite my complete lack of faith in their ability to execute, I hope it turns out great and stays compelling all year. But just to be safe, I’d put Cena on one of those MMA-type Real Sports Build plans where he only wrestles at pay-per-views to keep him healthy, and I make sure to bring The Rock back and have someone arbitrarily insult him every few months to keep him interested. Kozlov, go call this guy something racist! Problem solved.

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