The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 4/4

By: 04.05.11  •  18 Comments

Worst: Michael Cole is Not Gone

It felt like a warm bath. Jim Ross was welcoming us to a sold out, tarped-off arena for Monday Night Raw. Things were going off without a hitch; the announcing was solid, stories were being told, things were getting over. Ross explaining about how Jack Swagger’s ankle lock is one of the most painful things you could ever experience did more to put over the move than weeks of Kofi Kingston worming out of it. I was happy that the worst was over, and that thanks to some badly paced punching at Wrestlemania we were going to be free from Cole.

And then Cole shows up.

I defended him for a long time. I thought the idea of a heel announcers who really, really needs to get punched in the mouth was a positive thing for Raw. Turns out I was wrong as a motherf**k of sh:t and Cole is the worst thing ever. He comes to the ring, incapacitates Jerry Lawler, sprays some barbecue sauce on Jim Ross and I guess Ross couldn’t find any replacement clothing within two hours or do his job slightly stained because Cole, Josh Mathews and Booker T took over. Like a paintball episode, it was all downhill from there. And while I’m at it,

Worst: Booker T

I like you and all, but damn, stop talking.

The Rock walks the ring and Booker’s all “HEY GUYS I THINK THAT’S THE ROCK AND HE’S MAD” while the Rock’s trying to talk. You are better than your brother in the ring, but way worse than him behind the mic. Stevie Ray or we riot.

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