The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 4/4

By: 04.05.11


Best: Punk and Rhodes vs. Mysterio and Orton, Sort Of

Two of my favorite wrestlers teaming up against guys they hate. I’ll let you figure out which team you think I’m talking about.

I like all four of these guys in the ring most of the time. Mysterio can get kind of predictable with his headscissors that defy physics by sending you off toward the second rope no matter where he’s spinning, and Orton can go from great to really awfully bad in no time, but like I said, most of the time I enjoy watching them wrestle. I also like Raw having wrestling matches, especially tag team matches, ESPECIALLY tag team matches that go longer than ten minutes. So this was a lay-up for a Best and Worst “Best.”

But because I can’t really seem to commit to anything this week,

Worst: Mild Disappointment

This was mostly annoying for me. Some reasons were valid, some weren’t. Two commercial breaks was a big one. I’ve never understood the production call of filming people walking and talking to each other backstage, but cutting away whenever wrestling happens, a chinlock is applied or someone falls/jumps to the outside. Crash to break is a son of a bitch.

I also didn’t like how CM Punk stayed on the outside for most of the match. They didn’t even really play it up as Punk being injured or scared of anyone, he just didn’t do a lot. It ended up playing out as a handicap match, down to Rhodes getting hit with two finishers and put away like a chump.

And, well… there was the Mysterio/Orton team. I guess it’s good that Mysterio forgave him for all that “Eddie Guerrero is in Hell” stuff from a few years ago. I know history isn’t important to anybody anymore, but a brief little segment beforehand where Mysterio is all “hey, I don’t like or trust you but you’re good in the ring and we have a common enemy so we are tag team partners tonight” thing with Orton snake-facing and being all “YOU SHOULDN’T TRUST ME” tilde-bang would’ve been enough. Instead, they won the match with a tandem finish and exchanged bro handshakes.

Like I said, mild disappointment.

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