NBA Round-Up: Rick Welts Is Out

By: 05.16.11

Oklahoma City Thunder 105, Memphis Grizzlies 90 (Series: 4-3 OKC)

FINALLY! Good Lord, you guys, take your sweet F-ing time finishing a series, why don’t you? Both teams shot their collective wad with that triple overtime score-apalooza all the way back on last Monday in Game 4, so it was bad enough that we had to sit through their sputtering and sloppity slop for three more games. Thankfully, Kevin Durant showed up and brough 39 of his friends with him for Game 7 and the Thunder can finally face their destiny in the Western Conference Finals against the Dallas Mavericks.

As for the Memphis Grizzlies, this was a hell of a run for an 8-seed, especially considering the team’s executives made under-the-radar, insignificant moves prior to the season’s trade deadline, and they ended up besting any other deals made this season. But this was something special for the people of Memphis as they go through the horrors and losses associated with the natural disasters that are currently flooding the city’s streets, destroying homes and ruining businesses. Even as an Orlando Magic fan (if I’ve never mentioned that before), I hope the Grizzlies squash the ongoing rumors of Zach Randolph to the Magic for the grab bag of Brandon Bass and the bench and keep this band together, bring in another solid veteran, and contend again next year.

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