NHL Puck-Up: Green Men Get The Boot?

By: 05.03.11

Boston Bruins 3, Philadelphia Flyers 2 OT (Series: 2-0 BOS)

Another day, another overtime hockey game. The Bruins may be up 2-0 on the Flyers but I’m pretty disappointed in Boston for this win. Game 1 was a good old-fashioned 7-3 curb stomp. The Flyers might as well have started Johnny Weir and Nancy Kerrigan the way they played that game. But Boston could only muster 2 goals in regulation last night? Amateur hour, boys. The Bruins had a chance to set a precedent and throw up another massive win and make teams in hockey realize that scoring puts butts in the seats. In my new vision for the NHL, the goalies only play in the third period. I’d watch that so hard.

But since I’ve been labeled a dangerous visionary for my Toddler Fight Club, Gary Bettman won’t listen to me. So we’re stuck with David Krejci overtime goals and people spending hours trying to pronounce Krejci.

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