The Best and Worst of WWE Over the Limit: Cena and Miz Should Both Quit

By: 05.23.11  •  27 Comments

Worst: Welp, Sin Cara

They signed Mistico hoping he’d be the new Rey Mysterio, and he’s ended up the new Gail Kim. Remember how excited we were when Gail showed up on Raw with sunglasses and Matrix clothes the first time? And then the ropes got wiped down with Crisco and she couldn’t hit anything grander than a forearm? That’s poor Sin Cara. He just can’t seem to do anything. I know he can, I’ve seen him do things, I’ve seen him walk straight without falling over. I haven’t seen Gail do that, so maybe he’ll be fine.

I can think of two explanations.

1. Mistico is Mexico’s YOSHIHIKO, and Ultimo Guerrero and Negro Casas and Averno are just super workers who can make a blow up doll in a Mil Mascaras mask look like a million dollars.

2. He can’t see sh:t

Think about it, he started tripping and collapsing on the reg when he put on that blue mask. Maybe it’s a Jack Evans thing, where he can 630 splash reliably as long as he isn’t wearing a doo-rag. Rey Mysterio has big eye holes. Sin Cara has to see where he’s diving through the freshness lid on a can of nuts.

Also Worst: Stop Saying Chavo Guerrero Is Good

Eddie Guerrero was good. Vickie Guerrero is good. Chavo Sr., Mando, Hector, Gory, all good. I think we need to come to terms with the fact that Chavo Guerrero is not a great pro wrestler and move on with our lives. I miss Eddie, too, but either put Chavo back in the Swagger Soaring Eagle or sh:t-can him. End of story.

I’ve always supported Chavo. I bought a hobby horse when I was a teenager because of him. “Chavo” was my name in Spanish class (partially because they wouldn’t let me be Dr. Wagner, but still) and Chavo was in half of my old screen names. But yeah, he’s just not good. His frog splash looks terrible, he can’t engage anyone in the story he’s trying to tell, he’s a terrible base for flying wrestlers and has no formal lucha libre training, the only time he gets a pop is when he does the Eddie shoulder shake, he’s bald and/or has fake hair, and honestly, how many great Chavo Guerrero matches can you name? Okay, now remove Eddie. How many are left?

Chavo sucks, and we have to agree on it. His job could be better served by anyone on the IWRG roster in a We Remember Eddie Guerrero t-shirt.

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