The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 5/23

By: 05.24.11  •  30 Comments

Best: Forget Daniel Bryan, Drew Mac is the Best in the World

I don’t know how to get on these panels, but respected wrestling blog Dirty Dirty Sheets posted yesterday their choices for the best wrestler in the world. Some of the choices are solid (Danielson, Kana) and some are suspect (“every woman in independent wrestling is the best wrestler in the world” – internet). I mean, Nicole Matthews? She’s not the best wrestler in the world. She’s not the best wrestler in her own tag team.

My point of contention is this: Drew McIntyre is better, at least right now, than anybody on that list. Watch him. Pay attention to what he’s doing. He’s better at working a limb than anybody in the business. His matches are absorbed into the “WWE style” but he approaches them creatively, giving pro wrestling entertainment a realistic vibe. His moves have impact. He’s always doing something. His facial expressions are on point (I learned from Tough Enough that facial expressions and “making your own chances” are the only two things you need to do to be a good wrestler). He’s having good-to-great matches with everybody. He’s the very definition of the old IWC talking point that a wrestler is only outside of true greatness because he hasn’t been given the shot.

In five years, Drew Mac is going to be a multiple-time World Champion and you’re all going to be on his bandwagon. It might happen sooner than Eight years from now you’ll be tired of him and complaining that he’s holding down your favorite indy wrestlers, but five-to-eight is going to be a glorious little period.

Worst: Also, He Looks Like a Hot Dog

He does. Watch that ring entrance.

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