The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 6/20: Power to the People

By: 06.21.11  •  36 Comments

Worst: A Dance Contest

Vickie Guerrero announced that she used to be a stripper, then did about four seconds of lackluster booty dancing before sexually assaulting homosexual emcee Matt Striker, practically spilling the water he’s spent so long packing into different parts of his body. Fans got to vote on this. “Stop trying to humiliate this widow” was not one of the options.

Even Worse: A Dance Contest Narrated by Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler was absolutely unforgivable with the fat jokes on Vickie last night, and the only upside is that most of his quips got neutered before the punchline, because even the announcers (who can’t pick up on anything ever) know how pointless and destructive they are. “Jesus Christ, Jerry,” Booker might say. “This is a 43-year old woman you work with. Maybe this is why you can’t land a girlfriend over the age of 14.” And then Jerry would go “woo hoo” under his breath, and we could watch the sh:tty dance contest without distraction.

Even Worse Than That: Matt Striker is Not Helping

Why are you even here? Todd Grisham gave you your Samson powers, without him you should just go back to teaching and filming CFNM videos on the side.

The Very Worst: Come On, Bro

They couldn’t have let Zack Ryder stand in the ring and fist pump while Vickie did her booty dance? Not even that?

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