This Week In Chicks Who Date Athletes: Kim Kardashian Butt-Watch Edition

By: 06.28.11

The Ice Man Payeth

Retired UFC fighter and current promotion VP Chuck Liddell decided not to show up to the latest court hearing in his child custody battle with his ex-wife Lori Geyer and it turns out that wasn’t a very wise decision. According to TMZ (my soul dies a little each time I write that), Liddell is now required to pay Geyer $6,000 per month in child support, on top of a $2,500 fine for not providing the court with proper financial reports. Yikes.

The custody battle heated up back in April when Geyer accused Liddell of using drugs in the presence of their son, and then again when Geyer’s current husband called the police on Liddell for kidnapping his own son. You know, he may be retired and older, but if Chuck Liddell showed up to my house to kidnap his own son or even my mom, I wouldn’t call the police. Call it cowardice, but I call it appreciating my heartbeat.

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