This Week In Chicks Who Date Athletes: Kim Kardashian Butt-Watch Edition

By: 06.28.11

Sorry Ladies, Mike Tyson Got Married… Again

Mike Tyson and his wife Lakiha Spicer were married two years ago in a quick, informal private ceremony in Las Vegas, so when 150 of their friends were invited to join them at a spa resort and casino over the weekend, it just seemed like they were celebrating Lakiha’s birthday. Little did they know…

“Guests were told it was a birthday, but then Lakiha announced that something different was happening. She pulled back a curtain to reveal a wedding setup,” a source said.

The ceremony was described as “traditional Muslim,” even though it was in a casino and Islam prohibits gambling. (Via Fox News)

Oh quit being picky, people. Gays can get married in New York now, so Muslims should be able to gamble. And the Amish should be able to watch porn. Either way, I’m glad we now live in a time in which women aren’t afraid to marry Mike Tyson.

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