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We Are Allowed To Hate The Miami Heat

By 06.13.11

The Basic Right to Hate

As the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers, among others, have shown us, success breeds contempt. For the Yankees, it’s the idea that an owner can spend whatever he wants to win a championship while fans of small market teams are forced to live on a prayer. The Lakers more recently provided an example of the idea that a star’s personal behavior (Someone please direct Plaschke’s attention to the summer of 2003 for his Lakers argument) could turn an entire league’s fans against that franchise.

At some point Wade, James and Bosh had to have realized that the fans of the other 29 NBA teams were not going to like them very much for their decision to team up. After all, the greatest source of a sports fan’s hate is that it’s not his team winning. Heat fans will point out that fans of other teams would take James in a heartbeat. Of course we would, we’re not morons. But that’s hypothetical, and this is reality. In reality, we hate the Miami Heat because our teams didn’t do what they did.

And for most people that is the only reason they should ever need when someone asks why they hate. Other than “Because I do”, of course.

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