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You’re Le Mans Now Dog

By / 06.13.11

I’m not really qualified to be writing about racing. When I signed up to write for With Leather I thought 24 Heures du Mans was an Ingmar Bergman film. It turns out that Le Mans is the world’s oldest sports car race in endurance racing, and because it’s the oldest it is full of crazy sh** like driving for an entire day and making IndyCars crash into each other in the dark. The Internet is for crash videos, so I wanted to present to you a couple of the worst – in the first (above) Audi’s Allan McNish gets clipped and goes speeding into a wall, spinning and flying apart like Mickey Rourke just whipped him in half. If you look closely, you can see Elle Fanning filming a zombie movie with her friends in the background.

In the second (below), Audi driver and Jay-Z favorite Mike Rockenfeller loses control because he’s driving an F-Zero car in the f**king dark and slams into a railing. This one needed an ambulance rescue, but thankfully both drivers survived their crashes and are (as far as I can tell) completely fine, so I can write about the crashes without feeling like I’m live blogging Faces of Death.

And hey, believe it or not, Audi still won the race. That cements Le Mans as a total Speed Racer thing, where Speed can go flying off a mountain and explode, but a few minutes later he’s driving on the walls and winning anyway. Somebody check Rockenfeller’s trunk for a child and a monkey.

[h/t Off the Bench]


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