The Pirates Are Finally In Second: A Retrospective Of 18 Losing Seasons

By: 07.06.11  •  13 Comments

2010 – Bonds-less and reborn, the Giants won the World Series and baseball fans across the nation cackled with delight as Bonds still occasionally popped up to tell people he wants to play again. The Pirates, though, finished with a sensational 57-105 record (.352), just a remarkable feat for any team in any pro sport.

2011 – Today, the Pirates are 6-4 in their last 10 games and winners of 3 straight. They’re 1.5 games back of the Cardinals, who lack consistent starting and relief pitching to truly maintain a season-long run. They’re in front of the Brewers, who lack back-end starters and are showing signs of weakness in their bullpen. And the Reds are managed by Dusty Baker. Could this be the year the Pirates shock the world and take the NL Central? No. What are you, high?

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