Burnsy's Bad Advice: Ranking Your Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

By: 08.01.11  •  13 Comments

The Jennifer Anistons

For some reason, people forgo the first two classes of QBs to take their chances with the middle crop. I understand the idea of stocking up on two RBs and two WRs or a top TE first, but these guys are still quite undeserving of the faith that comes with being a fantasy starter. For the comparison to 76-year old Aniston, they’re still considered sexy by people with very poor taste or a distinct desperation.

11) Joe Flacco
– To be fair, I really want to have Flacco in a higher group. He was my fantasy man crush last season, but he also broke my heart with some half-assed performances. Did he have a good enough offense? Not really. I blame it more on Cam Cameron than Flacco, but he needs to earn my respect and love back.

12) Jay Cutler – The bad reputation from the bad knee and now the breakup. Factor in a lack of a stud receiver and Cutler is a fantasy curse waiting to happen. Plus the Chicago Bears caved to Mike Martz’s hatred of the tight end position and sent J-Cutty’s bro-dawg Greg Olsen to Carolina. This is going to be ugly.

13) Matt Cassel – Cassel will be better than this ranking suggests. He has to. Dwayne Bowe, Steve Breaston and Jamaal Charles. The Kansas City Chiefs’ offense has no reason to not be successful and high-powered. Still, I don’t feel that good about it.

14) Kevin Kolb – I watched Kolb play in college and he was very good. And that’s all I can say about him because aside from 7 games as a pro, we haven’t seen anything to prove that he’s this incredible talent that was worthy of what Arizona gave up for him, and eventually paid him. This ranking probably has more to do with me wanting him to fail for the absurd $22 million in guaranteed money that the Cardinals gave him, but aside from Larry Fitzgerald I don’t know what the Cardinals have for Kolb to be successful. Maybe they’ll sign Braylon Edwards, but that changes what?

15) Eli Manning – Just ask yourself one thing – do you trust this guy? He has weapons – Mario Manningham, Hakeem Nicks, maybe Steve Smith, and probably Ahmad Bradshaw – but do you trust him? Seriously, take your time and think about it. If you do, then best of luck. But I don’t trust this guy at all beyond serving as a bye week replacement.

16) Josh Freeman – So many people have a hard-on for Freeman after a great season, but have you looked at Tampa Bay’s roster recently? With all due respect to Mike Williams, Michael Spurlock and Maurice Stovall, there’s not a star receiver on this squad. The Bucs don’t necessarily have to spend money until next season, but that didn’t stop the Carolina Panthers from throwing around cash. So why can’t the Bucs spend some cash on a legit receiving threat for Freeman? If they sign one of the remaining top receivers then I’ll give Freeman a little more credit, but until then I’ll stick to Legarrette Blount as my lone Buc draftee.

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