The 80s TV Sitcom Daughters Guide To Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

By: 08.08.11

The Kelly Bundys

I always loved the Married with Children laugh tracks because of the incessant hooting and hollering, especially when Kelly would first appear on each episode. But for all of the ridiculously wonderful tramps that were paraded through the show’s 10 seasons, Kelly was middle of the pack. I mean, give me Miranda Veracruz de la Jolla Cardinal any day. Or, you know, Nicole Eggert. Kelly was a fantastic character, though, and she always came through with great jokes.

16) Jeremy Maclin – Again, you can take Jackson and his desire for a new contract early, or you can gamble on a guy who may or may not have a career-threatening illness.

17) Steve Johnson – A fantastic waiver wire grab last year, but has he earned your trust yet?

18) Brandon Lloyd – I’m still baffled by last season. One of two things happened – 1) He just became a phenomenal receiver, or 2) Kyle Orton and Lloyd just really clicked. If you’re the Denver Broncos, which one do you go with?

19) Wes Welker – I feel like Scrappy Do is almost Scrappy Done.

20) Mike Williams (TB) – Everyone is blowing this guy so hard right now, with most sites ranking him much higher. I’ll admit he was quite impressive last year but the Tampa Bay Bucs are not exactly bursting with talent.

21) Dez Bryant – He’ll probably be drafted higher, he most likely deserves to be drafted higher, but I’m holding out hope that the guys in my league are still afraid of his baggy drawers.

22) Sidney Rice – He had one good season, suffered a nasty hip injury and then received a huge pay day. No thanks.

23) Mario Manningham – Manningham was an absolute beast the last few games of the 2010 season with Smith out of action. I would think that he’ll pick up where he left off, but then I also thought that girls liked guys who wear cutoff jean shorts.

24) Plaxico Burress – On one hand, he shot himself in the leg. On the other hand, he’s 34 on Friday. On the third hand, he probably has a good “Screw you, I’m back” season in him.

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