The 80s TV Sitcom Daughters Guide To Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

By: 08.08.11  •  21 Comments

The Girl From My Two Dads

Staci Keanan wasn’t the best looking girl on the block, but she always had a job and somehow she got a lot cuter as she aged. In a nerdy, bitchy, she’s on TV kind of way.

25) Anquan Boldin – Derrick Mason is out so Boldin is the elder statesman of this franchise’s receiving corps now. He’s also their only good receiver. This is not a sexy development.

26) Kenny Britt – You’d have to be high. *rim shot, bong noise, armpit fart*

27) Santana Moss – I didn’t want him with Donovan McNabb throwing to him, and he was actually good last season. Imagine how I feel about him with John Beck as his QB.

28) Percy Harvin – See: Santana Moss and that first part about McNabb. But seriously, he’s too talented to not produce more touchdowns than migraines.

29) Steve Smith (NYG) – If he’s healthy, he steals productivity from Manningham and Nicks, but he needs to actually be on a roster first.

30) Roy Williams – Williams has one 1,000-yard season in his career. I honestly don’t know why I always fall for the Mike Martz reunion crap.

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