The 80s TV Sitcom Daughters Guide To Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

By: 08.08.11

The Donna Joe Tanners

Poor Candace Cameron. Always stuck in the shadow of the legal age daughters of Just the 10 of Us. Even the nerdy sisters. Such is the life of the No. 2 or 3 WR. And with that we’re turning off the rankings, because if you’re left sorting through this bargain bin for starters then you’re already grabbing in the dark.

Pierre Garcon/Austin Collie – If Collie’s head wasn’t detached and run through rock tumblers last season, he probably would have gone on to have a great season. You know, the season that we expected Garcon to have. Of course it’s not fair to either of them that we constantly hold them to the standard of Marvin Harrison/Reggie Wayne/… next please.

Deion Branch/Chad Ochocinco – Aside from Tom Brady, there might not be one dependable fantasy starter on the New England Patriots this season. Bill Belichik should just go ahead and use two kickers.

Michael Crabtree/Braylon Edwards – While there is spectacular comedy in Edwards and Ted Ginn, Jr. being on the same roster, you don’t get points for comedy. And Crabtree either needs a new QB or team before his window closes.

Johnny Knox – He’s injured already, so that’s strike 1. Strike 2 is Jay Cutler’s wounded heart. Knox probably has more upside than Roy Williams, but who doesn’t?

Malcolm Floyd – He returned to the San Diego Chargers at a generous discount. Me thinks the fantasy gods will favor that.

Hines Ward – The man will have his catches and his TDs, and then he’ll have his cocktails.

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