The Attractive Female Celebrity's Guide To Drafting Fantasy Running Backs

By: 08.03.11  •  25 Comments

The Alison Bries

While I think that Alison Brie is a woman worthy of cloning, she’s not quite at the top of her game. But her ceiling is tremendous, and soon enough she could also be scissoring Natalie Portman, so these are the guys who could be monsters as second or early third round picks, if they even slide that far. More commas.

8) Rashard Mendenhall – As I said, I have the 11th pick in my draft (12 teams) so I have a big checkmark next to Mendenhall’s name on my draft wish list. Unless Aaron Rodgers or Mike Vick slip to me at 11, I could very well end up picking Mendenhall. If either of those QBs slip to me, I could probably still take him at 13. We know he’s great for yardage and TDs. We just have to live with him loving Osama Bin Laden.

9) Ray Rice – OK, I know that Rice will not fall to the late second or early third round of any draft. If he does, I want into your league next year. After all, I still have him ranked 9th. I’m just saying that if I’m picking in certain spots, I’d rather have an elite QB or WR than Rice. He has a world of potential but last season left many of us scratching our heads. However, if your league is a PPR, then Rice gets bumped up into the Top 5 without argument.

14) LeGarrette Blount – Too early? Probably. But look at the rest of the RBs behind him and ask yourself one question – are they featured backs? The answer is almost an emphatic no. Blount is well on his way to being Tampa’s featured back, which could be a very good thing. He was turning into a beast last season, so this could very well be his transition to full stud. Or he could melt down and attack someone. There’s always that option.

15) Ahmad Bradshaw – On one hand, Bradshaw must feel like a moron for asking for too much money once the lockout lifted and hoping that the Dolphins were feeling generous. Not only did he ignore the fact that Miami is a cheap team, but it bit him in the ass when it came to leveraging their interest against the New York Giants keeping him. But on the other hand, Brandon Jacobs knows that he’s second fiddle now. That’s why he took less money. You just have to worry about him taking more touchdowns.

17) Matt Forte – He sucked two seasons ago but rebounded nicely last season. His positive is that he’ll catch a lot of passes and he has great potential, but his negative is that he catches those passes from Jay Cutler, which means that the rest of the offense is suspect.

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