The Professional Wrestling Divas Guide To Fantasy Football Tight Ends

By: 08.10.11

The Mae Youngs

In their day, these guys could have been top talents. But while they’re not as old and wrinkled as Mae Young, they’ve still got about as much chance of performing at a top level as she does. And that’s not a knock on their talents as much as it is their teams.

23) Todd Heap – In all fairness, Heap could be an excellent fit in Arizona. Kolb had a good relationship on the field with Celek, so maybe if Heap is completely healthy he could recapture some of his glory from Baltimore this season.

24) Ben Watson – I don’t like a thing about Cleveland right now. I’ve been arguing with my friend about Peyton Hillis for two weeks, and I told him if he takes him in the second round he deserves to lose. That’s how little faith I have in the Browns.

25) Chris Cooley – It’s a shame. I really like Cooley. But his QB is Rex Grossman, who apparently ate Kirstie Alley during the offseason.

26) Kevin Boss – I like Boss, too. Oakland also seemed to really like passing to Miller so it could be a good fit… until someone mentions Jason Campbell and I cross every Raider off my list twice.

27) Visanthe Shiancoe – He’s already injured and his 2009 season was a fluke. He’s also being replaced by Kyle Rudolph while he’s out, so let’s just say it’s safe to exclude Shiancoe from your draft day planning.

Stay tuned for the next installment, The Sexy Muppets Guide to Drafting Kickers.

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