Ray Rice Is Decent Enough And 4 Random Thoughts From This Weekend’s NFL Action

By: 09.12.11  •  6 Comments

San Francisco Has Me Huffing Glue

This may be the most ridiculous thing that I could ever suggest after one game, but this is more of a “What if?” theory. I watched the San Francisco-Seattle matchup and it was anything but pretty. If the Green Bay-New Orleans game was Marisa Miller, then San Fran-Seattle was Camryn Manheim. But what if the 49ers play their asses off around Alex Smith the same way other teams play up around their less-than-perfect QBs? As Arizona and St. Louis showed us, the NFC West doesn’t have a best team. Again.

Could San Fran build a little momentum and give Smith some confidence so he’ll actually play at a better level than we’ve already given him too many chances for? I mean, he should at least be able to throw for 200 yards against the Cardinals. I know what you’re thinking, and yes. Yes I did drink too much yesterday.

Mark Sanchez is the Luckiest Man Alive

When the Dallas Cowboys were up 24-10 in the 4th quarter against the New York Jets last night, I thought to myself, “Can the Jets rally around Mark Sanchez and come back and win this game?” What a stupid question – of course they would. For all of their grandstanding, Rex Ryan and Brian Schottenheimer didn’t seem to have much faith in Sanchez’s arm last night. Either that or Sanchez was just afraid to throw a long pass. Hell, he didn’t remember that they signed Plaxico Burress until the 4th quarter.

This completely baffles me because the Cowboys secondary was already Swiss cheese from injuries and factor in that Mike Jenkins is A) not that good, and 2) injured on almost every other play (especially when Burress welcomed him to the yard), and the Jets should have been throwing all over Dallas. Instead, Sanchez was bailed out late in the game by LaDainian Tomlinson’s awesomeness on screen passes, Romo’s ability to out-choke anyone, and the most piss poor punt protection I’ve ever seen.

Sanchez’s number look great on paper, except for the 88.7 passer rating, but once again we get to listen to guys like Chris Collinsworth blame everyone else on the field for Sanchez’s shortcomings and Ryan praise him for just getting it done. At least Ryan is right. Sanchez is just good enough to not be terrible.

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