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The Best And Worst Of WWE Night Of Champions 2011

By 09.19.11

Worst: CM Punk Ice-Cream Bar T-Shirts

I get it, you’re retro. You like mentioning things that are old. CM Punk is real close to becoming a wrestling version of a hipster, and he doesn’t even need his Jesus beard anymore to pull off the ensemble. You want to impress me with your knowledge Punk? Make a Mantaur reference. Until then, shut up and be great again.

Best: Triple H Is Still Pretty Metal

Say what you want about Triple H, but the guy can go in the ring. Not a lot of people could withstand the tiring position that is COO of a major corporation, but Mr. H has withstood the monotony of devaluing his employees and investigating cell phone records to stay in ring shape. Triple H has always been great at brawling, and he knows how to make things look painful. It makes me think that he would be better suited in a position where he works directly with the talent, and not being groomed to be the next Vince McMahon. I’m not one of those generic Internet haters that doesn’t like anything Hunter does, but I think his talents could be better used else where, like showing Sin Cara how to put together a match that doesn’t end up on Botchamania.

Any crap, I wasn’t very optimistic about this match but I’m glad to say I was pleased with the story they told up until devolved into chaos. There were only two things I wanted to see in this no DQ bout:

  1. Sledge hammer
  2. Spanish announce table destroyed

Done and done.

Best: Curry Man!

But at the same time ugh… Curry Man. 

Worst: Duffle Bags Are Not Anvils

I don’t know why Triple H was selling those dufflebags like Owen Hart selling a bag of popcorn, but you would think they were filled with dumbbells after watching him react to having them tossed gently onto his torso.

Worst: What The Hell Happened

When I saw John Laurinaitis playing with his phone earlier in the evening, I kind of figured he was communicating with Kevin Nash. It’s been several hours since the show went off the air, and for the life of me I can’t really understand why R-Truth and The Miz interfered and started kicking the s**t out of everyone. At one point it looked like they were helping Punk win, but then that fell apart and everyone just started hitting everyone with anything they could find. It was anarchy, and standing at the edge of the entrance ramp was John Laurinaitis, clutching his blackberry as if it were the codes for the nukes.

Speaking of which…


We watched you hit some buttons and suddenly Kevin Nash showed up. Despite the fact that he failed and Triple H is still COOing all over the place, you didn’t have to show your hand. Did you really have to do that from the ramp? Don’t they have monitors in the back for these kinds of things? When Big Boss Man pulled the contract away from Stone Cold he didn’t walk down the ramp with and scream “I did that!” Make them find you, don’t give up so easily. It took the WWE detectives almost a year to figure out Rikishi ran over Steve Austin, I’m sure you could have at least gotten away with it for another couple of weeks.

Wait a second, didn’t Curry Man have a cell phone in that picture? THE INVESTIGATION CONTINUES.

I want to thank you for reading the Best and Worst of WWE Night Of Champions. If you got this far than I would really appreciate your feedback. Hopefully If I’m asked to do this again, your comments will help me improve. I honestly don’t know how Brandon does this every week, because my brain is currently mush and I never want to watch wrestling again. If you want to read more of my stuff than visit The John Report for new content every day.

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