The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 9/26

By: 09.27.11

Worst: David Otunga Is Botching Attorney-Client Privilege

wwe really doesn’t understand law, does it

If David Otunga was considering suing the WWE and/or John Laurinaitis personally, he shouldn’t have been talking to him at all. Speaking to Laurinaitis privately and saying, look, these guys want to sue you and I’m inclined to agree with them, fix it or else you’ve got a problem? I don’t quite know how legal that is, but it happens all the time. I’ll have to consult Danger Guerrero on the finer points of this, but I’m guessing doing so on International TV would be pretty bad and he’d be disbarred, or at least severely reprimanded. From Mr. Michael Ondrick, my friend who has gone to law school:

yeah, reading further, he f**ked up pretty bad

the wrestlers could technically waive it for the purposes of disclosing the suit to Laurinaitis (ideally to prevent the suit from taking place if he could do something about it to negate the purpose of the suit)

but you totally can’t do it on tv

I guess the next time you’re having a personal conversation, don’t sit in a semi-circle around a television camera. Seriously, who sits like that? I like to think everybody sat down normally in the locker room and Otunga was all “nope, everybody on the same side of the room, facing the middle. We’ll talk while we’re shoulder to shoulder”. Or maybe there were five or six more guys in the room, and we just didn’t see them because Otunga was the focal point? Maybe (me,) Michael Tarver just off-screen. I’m going to find you, tertiary heels, I know you’re in here somewhere.

Best: 12 Minutes Of Punk/Del Rio

As expected, a 10-minute-plus main-event between CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio was, succinctly, the bomb. Punk continues to be better than advertised in the ring, a part of his game that has never gone as well with his mouth as it should, and Del Rio stayed on his gameplan and made up for any use of the word “butt” by hitting Punk with pointed, high-impact offense that looked great and served a purpose. You don’t need a paragraph from me telling you these guys are great wrestlers. I was a little iffy on the finish, especially since 1) it came out of goddamn nowhere and 2) Punk reversed the armbreaker set-up and countered with a kick, but he didn’t get it high up enough at first, so Alberto just kinda had to stand there and wait to get kicked again or pretend to be knocked out from a kick to the arm. I didn’t like that at all, and missed it when it happened, because I was having a conversation and didn’t get that “here comes the finish” build I’m used to. So it was weird, but the match was great. Del Rio countering the bulldog into his Elbowblower (elblower?) was choice.

Worst: John Mumbles On Commentary

You can get some of it in the video above. I don’t know what’s going on with Cena lately, particularly tonight, where he was still playing the underdog, like he’s chasing some unbeatable heel even though he is WWE Champion and won it in like 20 seconds with a Five Knuckle Shuffle (I did not see Night of Champions). That transferred over to him on commentary, where I could barely hear him and it was mostly about the Red Sox sucking. It’s better on the video than it was on my TV, so this point might not land as hard as it should, but yeah, if the guy needs a hug or whatever I’m happy to give him one.

And then I’ll reverse the hug into my finisher, and OH NO he’s reversed it into the STF, now I’m tapped out AND I can’t understand a f**king word he’s saying.

Worst, Then Best, Then Worst Again: Cena And Punk Be Stars

This is the most honest interpretation of the end of Raw: Ricardo Rodriguez was upset about Alberto Del Rio’s out-of-nowhere knockout loss to CM Punk and decided to start some sh*t. It backfired on him, because he’s a wimp, and he forgot that everybody out there hates him and it bit him in the ass. That’s what 90% of normal people watching will see.

As a fan, I can’t see things that way. To me, it looked like the Hell In A Cell was being lowered for no reason (because the 500 super long montage video packages for Hell In A Cell weren’t enough) and CM Punk and John Cena trapped a nerd inside so they could beat up a nerd. They messed with him and beat him up, but then Alberto showed up with a chair and we got minutes 9-13 of the Hell In A Cell main event for free a week before the show. It’s like when they put the 8 minutes of a movie up online as a teaser, except the stuff before it doesn’t matter and you can already guess the ending. I’m not sure how to react to the WWE scene, especially in these reports, having missed a John Cena/Alberto Del Rio championship match that would’ve made me throw my television through a window. With Del Rio and CM Punk not seeming to have a direction AND Cena being weird about a championship he’s already won, I don’t know how to root for or what could — or more importantly, should — happen. I just have to tune in and wait a few more weeks to see if the sun comes out, and hope that maybe the cage will lower during Beth/K2 III.

I’ll see you on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll have it figured out by then. If not, I’ll just write a little more about the anal bleeding.

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