The Guest And Worst Of WWE Raw 9/19

By: 09.20.11

Best: ADR Squashing Morrison
I’m throwing this one up as lip-service to Brandon whose love of Del Rio and hatred of Morrison was apparently so tangible, it was able to traverse the internet like a beautiful 4-D pretzel of kinetic inevitability and actually manifest itself as a complete burial. I like what they’re doing here with Del Rio, but this deserves as many words as it did time, so let’s move on to the real Honey Pot.

Best: Every Delectable Moment of the Hugh Jackman Segment
Since it’s probably not apparent yet, let me just say this was one of my favorite Raw’s since I started rewatching a few months ago. Tonight felt like everything was either a great segment of wrestling with kinda so-so plot development, or some really interesting character studies to go along with so-so wrestling. This is absolutely a formula I can get behind. I don’t need to be blown away with every segment, just don’t insult my intelligence and waste my time, ya know?
And honestly, if you’re gonna be a gross corporate shill-machine (WWE’s bread and butter), you really couldn’t ask much more from this segment featuring Vicky and Leopold. Vicky continues to be the best Heat inducer since War of the Worlds, Dolph is still Billy Zabka re-incarnate and Hugh Jackman managed to say that the difference between hosting the Oscars and hosting Raw was “the Oscars wasn’t in front of 15,000 screaming fans in Cleveland” with a totally straight face (which was the straightest thing he’s done in 15 years BAZIIIIIIIIIIIIING!).
Seriously, everyone was great in this, and it really highlighted that you can pick up some extra cash without lowering yourself if you put the right people in there.

Best: Ragging on the Losers in Cleveland
Somehow still funny. But…

Worst: “Just Like People Who Meet You, Losers Lose.”
Ziggler actually said this during his confrontation with Hugh Jackman. Oh Dolph. I expect so much more from you.

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