Joey Logano Hits The Wall

By: 10.20.11

NASCAR drivers are all about proving their physical worth; Carl Edwards proved it by kicking a field goal at Sun Life Stadium, and now Joey Logano has added athletic value to his life by visiting Sticky Lips barbecue in Rochester, New York, for an episode of ‘Man Vs. Food’.

If you’ve never seen the show, Adam Richman (an actor with a lifespan of 38) travels the country to find out which local restauranteurs are willing to waste the most food by, say, making him 40-foot banana split and challenging him to eat it. In this episode, special guest star Logano was given thirty minutes to eat a three-pound bacon double cheeseburger covered with pulled pork and hot sauce on a one-pound bed of french fries. They never show it on television, but if your rectal cavity explodes, you’re disqualified.

Logano made sure to live tweet the episode with commentary like, “i was looking for a dog under the table to help me eat it haha” and “did you guys really think i could finish that thing?? i mean come on”. Nobody asked him if we’re supposed to believe those people in the background seriously stood in place and watched him eat and clapped for thirty minutes, or if this show is a work, like ‘House Hunters’.

Regardless, this episode ended a lot better than his appearance on ‘Man Vs. Physics’.

[h/t From The Marbles]

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