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Tim Tebow: Angel, Dolphin Murderer

By / 10.27.11

In the first second of this video, a version of Tim Tebow with angel wings stabs an upright-walking, football-playing dolphin in the stomach with a spear. Seconds later, Tebow is drafted by the Denver Broncos and descends from Heaven in a glowing light. You know what? I take back everything I said about Taiwanese animation. They’ve still got it.

These videos succeed or fail for me based on how accurately they can express what’s been happening with the dumb sh*t they come up with. For example, watching Tim Tebow have his angel wings clipped and not being able to throw a pass because he’s been hit by a blast from Batman’s Remote Electrical Charge? That might as well be on SportsCenter. ESPN and Sports Illustrated using axes to cut Tebow’s rope and embarrass him in front of everybody at church? That’s exactly how blogging works.

Well, if Taiwanese Animated Kate Upton was hanging around somewhere in the foreground it’d be more exactly, but you see what I’m saying.

[via NMA World Edition]

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