Congratulations To The Indianapolis Colts!

By: 11.15.11

16) Tennessee Titans (5-4) – If Chris Johnson is really back and ready to run like the guy who complained that he deserved $30 million guaranteed, then the Titans could be about to stir some sh*t up. More on this in a moment.

17) Buffalo Bills (5-4) – Always remember, Ryan Fitzpatrick just got $59 million.

18) Dallas Cowboys (5-4) – This is starting to feel like one of those ass backwards, “they shouldn’t even be in the playoffs” seasons for the Cowboys.

19) Oakland Raiders (5-4) – I still don’t get the Darrius Heyward-Bey silent treatment. Whatever he did, they’re keeping it a nice secret.

20) New York Jets (5-4) – Rex Ryan has gone from suck to blow.

21) Atlanta Falcons (5-4) – And so the crowd is slowly turning on Mike Smith for his lack of aggression and killer instinct as a coach. That must be a relief for Matt Ryan.

Last we heard from him...

22) Houston Texans (7-3) – Back to the Titans, this should be Houston’s season to shine, but those poor damn Texans. Matt Schaub is out for the season and now they have to count on Matt Leinart. Oof. Maybe David Carr should make himself available.

23) Cincinnati Bengals (6-3) – This isn’t really much of a revelation but AJ Green is an absolute stud.

24) Baltimore Ravens (6-3) – All that bragging and boasting over sweeping the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Ravens turn right around and hand the division lead back to them by losing to the f*cking Seahawks.

25) Chicago Bears (6-3) – The Bears are the latest team to call the Detroit Lions dirty after Matt Stafford tackled DJ Moore by his head after an interception. But if you watched that game, the Bears were just as dirty, which is good because they’ve been missing a set of testicles.

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