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Cyber Monday Morning Links

By 11.28.11

It’s Cyber Monday, everybody, and you know what that means! /unzips pants


International Object Podcast S2E2: Brandon Stroud – I can’t stop casting pods! Listen to me talk excitedly for nearly two hours, because I don’t get enough of a chance to do this sort of thing. A great conversation about terrible things. [International Object]

NBA Lockout Laboratory: Is Being Tall The Only Thing That Matters In Basketball? – Hilarious. Jon on a video blog is the best, but he should be dressed like he’s going to work at Radio Shack at all times. [SB Nation]

Women Be Tramplin’: The Most Insane Black Friday Moments You Will Ever See – You know how I spent my Black Friday? Hanging out at home, not being trampled to death, then going out at 9 at night and buying two seasons of ‘Roseanne’ from Target for 4 dollars. [UPROXX]

Ten Skits That Prove ‘The Muppet Show’ Was For Adults More Than Kids – Alternate title, “ten skits that prove ‘The Muppet Show’ was better than most other shows”. Johnny Cash/Rowlf and Time In A Bottle are two of my very favorites. [Warming Glow]

A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: November 25th – With a title like this I’d hoped they’d be cosplaying as pilgrims and Indians, but whatever. Discussion point: cosplay stops being cool or sexy when you get professionally taken photos of it. [Gamma Squad]

“Streets Of Music” – Review Of 9th Wonder’s The Wonder Years – Not what I thought it was going to be. [Smoking Section]

Alternate Posters for the Expendables – Internet jokes aside, Chuck Norris makes me feel really uncomfortable. The way he says WHAT’S YOUR GAME?? in the Warcraft commercial like I’m a goddamn terrorist and he’s still Firewalker is the worst. [Film Drunk]

10 Awesome Vintage Tattoo Parlors From Around The World – Very cool. Maybe I should go to one of these to get my Ultros from Final Fantasy VI tattoo. [Buzzfeed]

The 10 Worst Rock Tattoos – Awwww, Starland Vocal Band? They suck! [The FW]

The Biggest And Most Ridiculous Celebrity Hair Of The 80s. What Were They Thinking? – Uh, that having your hair like this in the 80s is a great way to get ladies to sleep with you in the 80s? [FARK]

25 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Network’ – If Moviefone wants to turn IMDB trivia pages into articles they need to get cracking, there’s a great thing about Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones just DYING to be common knowledge. [Moviefone]

The Jon Hamm Problem: You Can’t Be Handsome And Funny. Pick One. – At first I was like, “well, at least now I know why I’m not handsome”. Then I wondered, “what if I AM? Oh god I’m not funny” and then I jumped out of a window. [Pajiba]

CagePotato Tribute: The Failure To Intimidate – I’m going to parody this and talk about the failure to Elimidate. Worth it for the Gina Carano On The Scales photo. [Cage Potato]


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