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LeBron James Jumping Over A Guy Is The New Most Boring Shot In Basketball

By 01.30.12

Do people even dunk normally anymore? This year the only shots you’re allowed to make are alley-oops and half court buzzer-beaters.

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LeBron James Jumps Over John Lucas For The Dunk - LeBron James Does Cool Thing, News At Eleven. Has he stopped being all LeBron James about it yet? [Smoking Section]

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Strips for Her Hooker Mom Show - … but not really. This would be the greatest thing to happen to me since I went on vacation and came back to naked Anne Hathaway in Havoc screencaps if it was a real thing. [Warming Glow]

Meme Watch: It’s About Time We Gave ‘Forever Resentful Mother’ Her Own Feature - I’m glad my Mom never did anything meme-worthy. Also, pretty happy that I didn’t have the Internet until I was old enough to be weird about my parents on it. [UPROXX]

Snoop Dogg Is A National Treasure - Getting started on that “Dr. Dre steals the U.S. Constitution” script as soon as possible. [UPROXX]

Call Your Bookies: We’re Breaking Down Super Bowl XLVI’s Prop Bets - Worth it for all the pictures of pre-post-pre-Crisis Kelly Clarkson. Your December was terrible, but your September-November was pretty great. [With Leather]

The Naked Daniel Tosh Supercut Is The Nakedest Supercut - My girlfriend loves Tosh.0, but wishes he’d stop being naked and showing gross-out videos all the time. All I can think is “why the f**k do you like Tosh.0, then”. [Buzzfeed]

The Funniest Animal Photobombs Of All Time - Needs more boing sound effects. [HuffPost Comedy]

Disney Princesses Reimagined As Hipsters - And yes, I would try to hook up with every single one of them. Hipster Snow White ftw. [The FW]

The 9 Most Unfairly Typecast Animals - Poor pit bulls, you are the Henry Pollard of the animal kingdom. [FARK]

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