The Best And Worst Of WWF Royal Rumble 2000

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Worst: Co-Intercontinental Champions

Here are five terrible ideas:

1. Letting Chyna wrestle, either against men or women

2. Letting Chyna win the Intercontinental Championship

3. Introducing the idea of “co-champions”, where two people hold on title belt, especially on what used to be your most prestigious title

4. Allowing Chyna’s wrestling and co-champion thing to overshadow Chris Jericho, who hadn’t been around very long and was supposed to be a big thing

5. Bob Holly pay-per-view matches

With that said,

Worst: Chyna As A Co-Champion, Overshadowing Chris Jericho, Wrestling Bob Holly

I’ve often preached about the dangers of fast-forwarding through a wrestling show because you just assume you aren’t gonna like something, because that means you’re never around for that moment when the bad thing gets good but you’re still around to argue about how it’s bad. Yeah, I fast forwarded the sh*t out of this. All I can compare it to is the three way dance between Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels at TNA Unbreakable in 2005, replacing Joe with Bob Holly, replacing A.J. Styles with a store mannequin given life and way too much self-confidence and making Daniels wrestle in quicksand.

It’s not the worst match ever or anything, but it’s #1 on my list of matches there’s no way in f**king hell I’m watching again.

Worst: WWF’s Attempt At WCW Chris Jericho

WCW Chris Jericho, at least the top-knot Conspiracy Victim “armbar” Chris Jericho, is my favorite wrestling character of all time. People like to remember his awesome WWF debut, with the big JERICHO on the tron people going apesh*t for him, then jump right to him wrestling Benoit or Guerrero or whoever and winning the Intercontinental Championship. Sometimes they jump from the debut to the Undisputed Champ thing. What they forget to mention is that Jericho’s first like… two years in WWF were a terrible retread of the stuff he’d been doing so well in WCW, from making Mr. Hughes dress up as Gotch Gracy to trying to tie up Chyna and smash her thumb with a hammer. It wasn’t great.

So when you remember WWF Jericho, remember what a blessing it was for the Radicals to show up and help him out a little, and for Angle and Benoit to become a thing and need a third guy. All that “CM PUNK IS IN THE DOGHOUSE” stuff we’ve dealt with for the last few years is NOTHING compared to watching future Best In The World Chris Jericho run over Stephanie McMahon’s dog as a Wrestlemania plot point.

Best: Crash Holly And Headbanger Mosh As Threats

The Rock backstage at Royal Rumble 2000 plus… by Rocky_TheRock_Maivia

The Rock’s original, lengthy babyface run is a dark period for me because it turned one of my favorites into a guy who says stuff like “what in the blue hell” for laffz, but I revisted his Rumble 2000 promo and laughed pretty hard at him saying the only two people in the Rumble who’d be a challenge are Crash Holly and Headbanger Mosh. Just referring to somebody fully as “Headbanger Mosh” like it’s their first and last name outside of identifying them in a tag team match is the best.

Best: Michael Cole When He Was Josh Mathews

Another Best goes to Michael Cole for following up Rock’s obvious joke with, “well wait a minute, THOSE guys aren’t very good, shouldn’t you be MORE worried about someone like THE BIG SHOW?” It launches Rock into his less-funny catchphrase bingo, but it’s a pleasant reminder that Michael Cole was once a guy we hated because he was a boring nerd, not because he wouldn’t shut up about boring nerds. Maybe Josh Mathews’ incessant badgering of people backstage will be a fun Best in ten years.

Worst: Shut Up Juice (Oh God)

You know those Rock promos when he’s coming back where it’s all IF YOU SMELLLLLALALALALALALOW/I BRING IT/BOOTS TO ASSES/IT DOESN’T MATTER/FINALLY catchphrase videos, and you’re like “wow, Rock sure had a lot of memorable sayings!” He did, but he also said sh*t like “have a tall glass of Shut Up Juice” that were stupid and we forgot. I can’t wait to go through these old shows and find all the terrible catchphrases that didn’t stick. Bob Holly’s “HOW D’YA LIKE ME NOW” comes to mind.

When did Rikishi start trying to put a little ass on it?

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