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This Week In Anger Management Issues: Shoving A Bug For Spraying You With String

By 01.27.12

From the video description:

After getting sprayed from point-blank range with some silly string, an upset Bruins fan goes after Tampa Bay’s mascot and gives him a push. He is then kicked out of the game. Seems a little silly to me, as it was just a little shove. It’s not like he beat the hell out of him (though he looks like he could have), and theres a fairly good reason why he was upset to begin with (though it WAS just silly string). Hot headed much?

So, where to begin?

1. You cannot get sprayed with silly string at “point blank range”. While we’re at it, you also can’t load a can of silly string with rock salt and spray it in a spread.

2. “Seems a little silly to me, as it was just a shove”. I’m guessing the sillier aspect of this is that a grown man would get sprayed with silly string by a guy in a plush firefly costume and his reaction would be to rush up the steps in a rage and shove it, instead of pulling the string off his face, saying “heh, argh you son of a bitch” with good nature and continuing to watch the hockey game as not a sociopath.

3. “It’s not like he beat the hell out of him (though he looks like he could have)” is the worst part of this. I don’t think anyone was calling the guy’s toughness into question and you don’t really have to jump to defend a guy who shoved down a cartoon character for f**king with him. I’m sure he’s sufficiently tough, and that he shows and tells people as often as possible.

4. “There’s a fairly good reason why he was upset to begin with”. There really wasn’t, unless “being a constantly-pissed off anthropomorphic dick hockey fan” is the fairly good reason. It’s hard to see a fat guy furiously running after a foam animal for accosting him with the solids version of a squirt gun and assume he’s doing it for a “good reason”.

The worst part is that Thunderbug was fired over this. Via the Tampa Bay Times:

Kelly Frank, the woman in the ThunderBug suit, was let go. She wasn’t a full-time employee of the team but was the primary performer as ThunderBug the past few seasons.

The Lightning said the Silly String wasn’t the only reason for the mascot change but didn’t want to comment further on ThunderBug’s actions.

“We’re keeping this internal,” Lightning spokesman Bill Wickett said.

Maybe I’m always just going to take the mascot’s side in these incidents, but Jesus, really? You fired her because a guy who probably isn’t inexperienced at shoving down ladies shoved down a lady? Get a grip, Tampa Bay. Although I guess I shouldn’t expect much from the town that dyed their water blue.

[h/t to Mike Westfall by way of Drop The Gloves]


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