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My New Rap Name Is ‘MC 18 Ft. LeBron’

By 02.10.12

Today’s biggest and foamiest nightmare fuel comes from Florida gaming company Prime Time Amusements, a video game and simulator seller who built an 18-foot replica of a dunking LeBron James that more or less looks like the bad guys from ‘Fraggle Rock’ to honor LeBron and the “Mammy Heat” (his words, not mine). I knew things were gonna be weird when Ray Harryhausen took over as Miami’s GM.

According to reports, Prime Time Amusements wanted to build a colossal LeBron for years, but didn’t have enough material to finish his hair. Someone on staff came up with the idea of putting a big headband over it, and viola, der golem James.

The NBA hasn’t had a giant thing that made everyone uncomfortable this cool since Manute Bol retired.

[via Sweater Punch]


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