The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 2/6/12 Is The Best In The World At What It Does

By: 02.07.12

Best: Justin Roberts May Or May Not Be Sure How The Six Pack Challenge Works

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s main-event is a Six Pack Challenge Match!”

say the first person who gets a pinfall or submission wins and enters last in the elimination chamber, say the first person who gets a pinfall or submission wins and enters last in the elimination chamber

“Now, all six superstars will compete in the ring … at the same time.”

you got it, you got itttt

“The first superstar to caw … tuh …”


He should’ve went with Lillian’s old standby of “this match is scheduled for ONE FALLLLL” and then remaining silent while the music plays. Justin Roberts: born to entertain the fans.

Worst: The Miz

Holy sh*t did the Miz blow last night. I don’t know if it was a bad day at the office or if he was shaken from getting run over by all those buses, but watching him stop short on a kick to Jericho, take a double clothesline bump before the double clothesline (only to take it again) and catch R-Truth on a dive by lightly wiggling his fingers in that direction was the worst. It felt like I was watching one of those training matches on Tough Enough.

Miz’s badness was especially highlighted when Truth got injured and taken out of the match, leaving him in there with Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk and a guy who is f**king great at jumping. Miz would benefit from a territorial approach to wrestling, where he takes three months or whatever and wrestles somewhere else, so he could come back with a fresh perspective. I don’t want you to think I’m “that guy” when I say Japan, but Miz getting Gone To Sleep by the pissed-off little dude that innovated it would probably keep him from stopping short.

Best: Dolph Ziggler Makes Everything Better

I found myself especially enjoying the Zigglic portions of the match, particularly the brief sequence between him and Punk near the end. I don’t want to textually jack Ziggler off all the time, but I keep reading stuff like “his offense sucks” on wrestling message boards and I’m all THIS ISN’T OTUNGA I’M TALKING ABOUT HERE, LOOK AT THE WRESTLING HAPPENING, LOOK AT IT.

I want a compilation video of Ziggler taking the Go To Sleep like he’s getting Joey Mercury’d. It’s the best regular sell of a move that doesn’t hurt since Rock was turning backflips off the Stunner. Or at least since Scott Hall took the Stunner by jumping straight f**king up.

Best: Chris Jericho As Best In The World


Worst: These Screaming Ladies Sure Are Enjoying The Show

I was surprised when the camera didn’t fade out on Jericho and Punk, and I hope I’m not alone in assuming the weird lady screaming was some fans who’d gotten too close to the cameraman and were hilariously losing their minds.

That would’ve been a fun thing to remember. What it turned out to be is … not.

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