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And That's Why You Always Wear A Cup

By 03.29.12

New Zealand cricketer Kane Williamson is one of the luckiest men on Earth today.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a high-speed cricket ball collides ball-on-ball with an exposed testicle, thank Christ you aren’t gonna find out here … in the above video, Williamson takes a shot to the crumpet and staggers away, removing his cup to reveal that it is basically split down the middle. If he hadn’t been wearing one, he might’ve had to give up cricket and start competitive blood-peeing.

The horror you might feel seeing that is immediately replaced by the announce team’s hilariously in-depth discussion of “skin torque” and the value of the “box breaking”. Apparently it’s a good thing when your box breaks.

So, uh, I guess we should be happy this wasn’t women’s cricket.

[h/t Sweater Punch]


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