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Nick DiChiara's Long Snap Trick Shots Are Awesome, Impossibly Coordinated

By 05.23.12

By the end of this video, you will be well aware of with whom jiggy has been gotten — in the spirit of Top 21 Frisbee Trick Shots and Johnny Mac Trick Shot Quarterback comes Nick DiChiara Long Snap Trick Shot Video, wherein the Nick DiChiara of the BB&N High School Class of 2012 long-snaps a football to close lockers, block lay-ups and throw out a guy stealing third.

The full court shot (pictured above) is especially impressive. The full video, courtesy of DiChiara himself, is after the jump.

I tried to make a follow-up video, but kept falling forward every time I went into a three-point stance. Somebody should draft this kid out of high school and put him at QB … chances are he’s more accurate with his ass in the air than Tebow with a man wide open.


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