The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 4/30/12, Guest Starring Bork Laser

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Best: R-Boom, Or Whatever You Want To Call Them

Things are happening with the tag team titles! Just kidding.

Evan Bourne is apparently never coming back, so it’s nice to see Kofi Kingston replace him and move on with his life. I don’t know if they can use the Freebird rule and defend the titles alongside the invisible white child who follows them around, but hopefully having the belts on a slightly higher profile team will get them on the shows more often. And as sad as it is, Primo and Epico have no reason to lose non-title matches to everybody (first Show/Khali, then Ryder/Santino) and win when the belts are on the line. That’s what Otunga and McGillicutty did for months and it was the worst.

And speaking of Bourne, how easy would it be to bring him back expecting to get his themed spot back only to find he’s been replaced by the really mean guy who hates children and spiders?

Worst: Abraham Washington Would Like To Whoops Okay Nevermind

Can I tell you how much I wish Primo and Epico and Rosa Mendes had a team name, so I didn’t have to call them “Primo and Epico and Rosa Mendes” every time I write about them?

Anyway, Primo and Epico and Rosa Mendes agreed to be Abraham Washington’s clients, but we didn’t get to hear a lot about it because it was more important to jump back to the ring and watch Great Khali dance to his own music for two minutes. This is unfortunate for two big reasons:

1. It would’ve provided much needed forward momentum for people who never get it, and

2. It prevented us from hearing Rosa Mendes recite lines from ‘Destinos’.

Best: The Great Khali’s Infinite Dancing


keep dancing, kane’s not ready yet

Best: Additional Great Khali Bests

1. Khali traded in his Juicy red pants for the blue, Love Pink model.

2. Khali’s kicks are AMAZING. He can’t really get his leg above his waist unless he builds up to it, so he spends the early part of the match throwing up these little sad Charlie Chaplin potato kicks … and if he’s fighting Rey Mysterio that sh*t’s a superkick, but against Kane it looks like a handicapped guy trying to stand up.


Worst: The Beat The Clock To Death Challenge


And honestly it wasn’t as bad as four minutes of Kane versus The Great Khali could be, but it wasn’t great. When he’s chopping a smaller guy you can think that his chop is coming from way up, like a dude falling off a building, so when it hits you it can collapse your skull. Again, against someone like Kane it looks like he’s f**king up a high-five.

CM Punk versus The Great Khali would’ve been a pretty rad Over The Limit main-event, though, gotta say. Awkward Macho Man elbow drops from the top of a Pier 1 Imports cage for everyone!

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